Jerry and I differ when it comes to storing old cardboard boxes. He likes to have them, just in case.

I’ll save a few, but not a stockpile.

Well, except… Except that I was STILL storing almost all of our Christmas ornaments in their original boxes — Fontanini Nativity set pieces, Hallmark ornaments, LOTS of boxes.

Well, since Jerry helped put up the tree this year, he noticed all the boxes, and turned my box-nagging around on me. He suggested that I get rid of the boxes and I’d have a lot more space to store things if they didn’t have a firm cardboard cocoon around them.


ALL of the Christmas decorations can be stored in his grandmother’s antique cedar chest, with room to spare. It was EASY to put everything away today — no torturous game of three-dimensional Tetris to figure out how everything would fit in there!

Damn, I hate it when he’s right. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Boxes”

  1. Oh God! I can’t IMAGINE parting with all thsoe boxes… I have EVERY ornament box. Which means my tree is dressed with like 4 big plastic crates of those small boxes…

    I grant that it’s a good idea. But my inner packrat. Could. Never. Do. It.

  2. I’m impressed. The thing I noticed most in taking apart the Christmas tree last weekend was that the ornaments that get wrapped in tissue and stored in a big ornament storage bin got put away several times faster than the Hallmark ornaments that each had to go into their own individual plastic bag or bubble wrap and then into it’s original box. Undecorating would be much less painful if I could get rid of those little boxes. Unfortunately, I’m still hung up on the collectability of those ornaments and the decrease in value if they don’t have the original box. I have a couple of USS Enterprise ornaments that are still listed at around $300 each in the green book.

    Maybe I should just store the boxes separately from the ornaments so I don’t have to deal with them every year. That’s what we have done with the fancy ornaments. Hmmm. I just need a place for 2 more storage bins.

  3. Ack! Normy…we have those same ornaments, thogh I can tell you that I have not let them see the light of day on MY tree in years. Too much hassle, not ‘tradaitional’ or cute. LOL

    Wonder if I could sell them w/o Tim knowing???

  4. Hey Norm! One ornament that DOES keep its orginal box is my Enterprise Shuttle ornament, the one with the recorded message inside. Is it worth anything?

  5. I think about $25. It was second in the series. The Enterprise was first and had a much smaller run, thus its increased value.

  6. Um, Jerry? You’ll have to dig through the box trash (haven’t taken it out yet, for precisely this reason) so that you can relocate your little Star Trek ornament box. The ornament itself is still hooked to a strand of lights.

    Yep, I was lazy.

  7. Is there any techno geek without that Shuttlecraft to Enterprise ornament and do those of you with younger children hate the silly thing. My kids have finally outgrown pressing it whenever they go by it.

  8. We have them all.

    We also have Neil Armstrong’s “One giant leap” recordered on a similar, high quality, Hallmark Ornament speaking device…..

    All of which have their very one tree and stayed in the storage boxes this year….

  9. But do you have the Lincoln and Washington Memorial ornaments??? LOL…got Lady Liberty this year, too, but she doesn’t light up or play music. The kids were VERY disappointed.

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