Saving For Later

Helen likes to put things on a low shelf in the fridge to “save them for later.”

So when I open the fridge sometimes, I find the weirdest things: half a cookie, an opened banana that has turned black, a dried slab of bologna, part of a licorice rope. Usually carefully wrapped in a napkin. I do not know where she learned this, because I don’t do it, and neither does Jerry.

It’s like a treasure hunt for randomness.

6 thoughts on “Saving For Later”

  1. HAHAHA…my kids do this, too! It goes in cycles…usually they’ll put an open yogurt of a half-full glass of something. It’ll go on until Tim dumps something over while trying to get to REAL food, then he has a hissy and scolds them. They’ll be better for about a week or so…then it’s right back to it.

    Katie is forever saying, “I’m done, but save it for later.” She’ll put Pop-Tart crusts on top of the toaster oven, leave a sucker in a bowl anywhere in the house, or think she can save half her dinner for “later.”

    Kids…so funny.

  2. It’s a kid thing……

    Eventually they become preteens/teens and there isn’t anything LEFT to ‘save for later’……

  3. Maybe you can relate, then, to the half-bottles of water we always (ALWAYS) have in the refrigerator. No one ever, it seems, can finish the whole 16 ounces. Sometimes people remember the house rule of putting your initial on the cap. Sometimes they don’t. And if there’s no initial, no one is ever going to claim it later for drinking. It’s an expensive way to water the plants…

  4. Argh! The bottled water thing is one of my pet peeves.. in our house, the rule was that when you start a drink (particularly bottled H20), you MUST finish it. My fiance will leave half-drunken bottles of water EVERYWHERE.

    I give ’em to the dogs.

  5. … long as he doesn’t leave half-drunken Sarah’s everywhere….. it’s all good.

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