Mac in Black

I must state for the record that my husband looked oh-so-delicioso when he left for work this morning. Black pants, charcoal gray mock turtleneck sweater, black leather jacket, and black Born loafers. Apparently Mac owners dress like this. It’s a requirement or something.


4 thoughts on “Mac in Black”

  1. Yeah.. um.. I own a mac. And a gray turtleneck.. black pants..

    And although it does sound INCREDIBLY hot, I never wear any of them.

    Then again, I curse my mac on a daily basis.

  2. He curses his PC on a daily basis because a fan is about to go out, so it makes a weird wub-wub-wub sound. And then he’s not a big fan of MS Windows, since it’s so crashy if the moon’s not in the right phase.

  3. Yesterday, I was on the phone with Jeanne when Darren came down dressed for work. I gasped and said, “Oh MYyyyyy. Why do YOU look so good?” He was wearing black slacks, a button down and his sports jacket. YUM. He usually wears jeans and golf-type shirts to work, so I was curious.

    “Funeral,” he said.

    Sorta made me wish he had to dress up for work EVERY day. 🙂

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