Dropped Helen off at the New School this morning and she was sobbing as I left. I’m sure she’s running amok now, having a wonderful time. I wonder if she’ll eat today? They’re getting cheeseburgers from SteakOut. Helen always refuses beef, so I just asked them to give her a “grilled cheese,” which is the cheeseburger without the meat. Hopefully she’ll eat THAT.

8 thoughts on “Tears”

  1. Mommy is totally fine. Meltdowns are part of Helen’s daily life, so we’ve gotten pretty immune.

  2. Sarah’s right.

    SUCK IT UP KID! Life’s a bitch. And so’s your mom!

    Well, at least for MY kids……

  3. I’m expect much advice from you when the same thing happens to me next month. Although I doubt I’ll handle it nearly as well. (READ: I’ll probably cry the whole drive home.)

  4. Well, yeah, you probably will. The first few times are very very hard. But then she’ll come home chattering about all the fun things she did that day, and you realize that it’s the transition she dislikes, not the school. And then you’ll just pry her off your legs and run out the door. But it’s tough to leave a tearful child the first few times, definitely.

    But trust me, the child care people are totally used to it. Work with them, and everything will be fine. 🙂

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