Last night, Jerry went on a business trip. Well, kinda. He went camping on the mountain with coworkers, as an attempt to decompress from several tough weeks at work. I hope he had fun!

Here at the homestead I had a scrapbooking workshop and got caught up on our 2005 family album through May 30, 2005. I’m so nerdy. Helen’s looking at the album now, and won’t turn past the starting page in the sequence about the play I directed in February. She keeps identifying every character in the pictures and asking me questions about them. Her reactions to these books are what makes it all totally worth it, I think.

I also stayed up WAY too late IMing in a conference with friends from Texas, Michigan, and California. It was SO much fun but I know I’m going to suffer for it today. Hopefully Jerry got decent sleep and can let me take a nap at some point when he gets home. That would be nice. Of course, if he’s as tired as I am, we are going to be completely worthless today.

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