Beth, you’re dusting my house again

There’s good marketing and then there’s REALLY good marketing.

Swiffer Dusters — you know that ad where the woman is dancing around the house, dusting everything that’s possibly got a layer of dust on it, and then the two women at the kitchen table sipping coffee stop her and one says, “Beth! You’re dusting my house again!”

Well. I just bought some Swiffer Dusters yesterday. I’ve bought them before, because they’re ADDICTIVE. You really DO wander the house, trying to find things to dust.

And you have to understand, I am NOT a neat freak. There are PLENTY of things to dust in my house. With 10 creatures living in this house, we generate a lot of it.

Thank God I bought a box of refills. I’m gonna need ’em.

6 thoughts on “Beth, you’re dusting my house again”

  1. Really? I must’ve missed this craze… I have a swiffer mop… Not the same, I guess. I will buy some. Immediately. My house is dust bunny breeding ground.

  2. So that’s the cure to not caring one whit if your house is dusty? Gotta get me some of those….

  3. Cleaning in general is not high on my list of things to care about. Feel guilty about, yet. Care to do, no.

  4. I went to get my hair cut, and was telling my hairdresser about my addiction to Swiffer Dusters. He got all worried and told me that his dog’s groomer said not to use Swiffer products because the chemicals will get on pets’ paws and kill them. I came home and looked it up on and it’s not true. I told him that I was pretty sure that it was an urban legend, but he was emphatic.

    His dog’s groomer musta read it on the Internet. It must be true.

  5. Ah so, grasshopper. It seems that you were logged in on my computer and I didn’t realize it. I am the “not Elaine” commenter. Not trying to steal your identity, really I’m not. Even though you’re talented as all get-out and SKINNY (you slut)… it was an honest mistake. 😀

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