Blogs Gone Past

When I was pregnant with Helen and for about 7 months afterwards, I had a blog. It was fun to post my observations about the pregnancy and early motherhood, and I’m glad I had it.

However, it lost its appeal when one specific reader — a relative — found it. She’s one of these people that feels the need to obsessively comment on every bit of correspondence she gets from people. She’d read my posts and then call or email me to discuss them. She’d email or call Jerry to discuss them. And then call me again to discuss them more. And she’d fuss at me when I hadn’t posted in a few days. I didn’t WANT to post, because then the cycle would renew. Eventually I just quit writing there at all.

This is actually a reason why Jerry has the comments turned off on his site — because that reader still reads over there. And he (and I) already get to discuss with her each and every post he makes. He doesn’t want to put the rest of you through that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people comment here. I really do. But if the same person were to comment EVERY day, and then probably subsequently comment on each and every comment made by other people, it would probably drive people away from reading, you know? And, egomaniac that I am, I want people to read my ramblings.

So I’m not telling the Comments Addict from my last blog about this one, because I want to ENJOY writing here, and I don’t want to turn my comments off. She’s not internet-savvy enough to find it on her own, so I’m counting on you all not to tell her. For your own good, do not tell her. She still drives ME up the wall, but there’s no reason you should have the same… uh… “pleasure.”

Comments welcome.

3 thoughts on “Blogs Gone Past”

  1. Should I be concerned that no one is commenting to this? Did I scare you all off? Or is it just because it’s the weekend? I hope it’s just because it’s the weekend…

  2. It was the weekend. I’m LOL. Sarah and I use each others blogs as a slow version of IM. 🙂

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