Coffee Talk

The car has been under the carport since Friday night’s vomit extravaganza, with both windows on the driver’s side open all the way, trying to let it air out. On the way to church this morning, it wasn’t so bad, since the car had been in the shade and it was only a little over 50 degrees out. But after church, it was up to 65ish and the car had been in the sun.

No problems driving, and then all of a sudden the stench would hit outta nowhere, and then go away again… Yuck.

The topic on Car Talk on NPR when I happened to flip over to it was how to get smells out. Obviously, I’m going to have to shampoo the rug and the back of my seat to get totally rid of it, but in the meantime, I needed a quick-fix that can at least mask it on sunny days when I can’t avoid heating the car up. Especially in light of the fact that I have a college reunion in 2 weeks and we’ll be driving my car up there and back, and parking it in the sun all weekend. Ick.

Click and Clack made a brief suggestion that coffee covers a multitude of olfactory sins… So I had some whole-bean coffee that I mistakenly bought a year or so ago and have kept in my pantry for some reason (I don’t have a grinder)… So about 1/2 cup of those beans are now in a paper bag, taped shut, and sitting in front of Helen’s seat on the floor.

I’d MUCH rather be suckerpunched by the stench of coffee beans as I’m driving down the road. Wouldn’t you?

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