OK… Interesting discussion I saw on another site today…

Someone is facing some surgery for female issues, and has lost so much blood and is so anemic that the possibility of a transfusion is there. She told her doctor absolutely not, that she will NOT have a transfusion. When pressed, she said it’s because it “reminds her too much of witchcraft and demon worship” to have someone else’s blood in her.

WTF?! Are you serious? As if the blood has a freakin’ PERSONALITY? As if it doesn’t have the same lifespan as normal blood cells, and will be replaced by her own circulatory system as her strength is regained? As if the Evil Blood Cells and her weakened blood cells would mate and create Demon Spawn Blood Cells? W?T?F?!

My God. These people who fear everything — how do they leave their homes in the morning? That’s what I don’t get. Bizarre.

5 thoughts on “Witchcraft?”

  1. OHMYGOD, I had never thought of that before. You don’t know whose blood that is! What if it’s Hitler’s bloodline or maybe the bloodline of El Diablo? I am never getting a transfusion.

    Unless it’s from, like, a supermodel. Cause supermodel blood would make me prettier.

  2. Hmmmm… I need to find out what Carrie-Anne Moss’s blood type is. Because if I ever need a transfusion, I think Jerry would LOVE it if I got her to donate. But she’s gotta be O. O+ or O-, doesn’t matter. Just gotta be O.

    She’s on Jerry’s list.

    Hmm….. To have a little piece of Pierce Brosnan coursing through my veins… That’s be a little piece of heaven… I wonder if he’s O?

  3. Ok.

    Put another one on my “you are a FREAK OF NATURE” list.

    I get her confused with the other FON with the similar name.

    I’ve tried to keep them separate in my mind because well, I’d hate be associated with Sue LaShit, so wouldn’t wanna do that to another.

    But you KNOW that there are a dozen of those FON’s that are now saying….

    “OH MY WORD! I’m not having a blood transfusion EVER either!”

    Might be the Mark of the Beast…. you know. Like with our fingerprints….

    The really HORROR of this? These people VOTE.

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