Helen spilled Gatorade on my laptop today. My reflexes were really fast (I saw the cup tipping in slow motion), and I maybe (please please pretty please) prevented it from total ruin, but that remains to be seen.

In the meantime, my laptop is opened, shut down, drying, and I’m on a desktop machine out of the reach of children.

Methinks maybe a laptop with two preschoolers in the house isn’t such a great idea.

IF the laptop survives, I’m thinkin’ I’m going to be transferring everything back over here to the desktop.

4 thoughts on “Gatorade”

  1. When I was in the hospital on bedrest while pg with my boys, the laptop/internet was the ONLY way I survived. One day, my husband accidentally knocked it off my bedtable. It fell and hit the cement floor. I was devastated, but amazingly the only damage it sustained was the cd holder stuck out and couldn’t go back in. It could still be used. Eventually, the cd holder got broken off, and we needed to update the virus protection via a cd because of a virus that was killing the computer but couldn’t because the cd holder broke off so we couldn’t use it anymore. Point is that it DID survive the big fall. I’m hoping that your laptop survived the big spill.

  2. It appears that it may have survived… The arrow keys in the lower right are sticky, but other than that, things all seem to be okay and functioning normally.

    And as I’m pressing those keys, they get less sticky (they’re not sticky to the touch; they’re sticky underneath).

    We’ll see…

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