Hot and Steamy

Well, this morning (actually, last night, when muddy dogs came in again), I decided that I had had ENOUGH. So I whipped out the steam cleaner and went after the cheap berber carpet in our den. I live in this room almost all of the time, so it’s pretty surprising that I haven’t gone after it yet… Well, no, it’s not. The carpet is really cheap, and there’s a seam running through the most heavily traversed area. When you run over that seam with the steam cleaner, the seam runs and carpet strips get sucked up into the steamer. Badly. So I hesitate to steam clean since I know that there’s a three-inch strip in the most visible section of the room that I won’t be able to clean.

But Alice has been crawling around and within five minutes of her crawling around, her knees and socks are brown. That’s gross.

Well, as I was getting everything out to steam, I discovered that I was almost out of soap. Decided I didn’t care, because dirt just sticks to soap anyway, and maybe what would do the best job on this carpet is just a good RINSE. So I went without the soap and it looks SO GOOD! Not great, but WAY better than it did this morning.

One of my imaginary friends suggested making a mixture of Oxyclean and hot water next time — cheaper than soap and works better anyway. Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind.

I also changed the belt in our regular vacuum cleaner. I’m so domestic today.

One hour until I’m a mommy again (grandparents return the children at 12:30), so I guess I better make good use of my time off…