Show Tunes and Laundry

Normal Mondays are the best. Helen goes to playschool in the morning, so it’s just me and Alice until noonish. I have one tutoring student during that time, and I just take Alice into the dining room (in her highchair) and feed her crackers for the duration of the tutoring session. She loves it. Then, around 12:15, Jerry’s mom comes over to get Alice. She has picked Helen up from playschool, so I have to have everything packed for both girls for the whole afternoon. No problem — I made sure all was ready, and then I was childless at 12:30. Then my second tutoring student of the day arrived. She was done by 1:30.

I had a quick lunch, and then started my cleaning frenzy. I brought Jerry’s Bose radio in from the New Room, set it up in the living room, and put the Chicago soundtrack in it. Turned up the volume to 70-something, and had a BLAST (literally and figuratively) cleaning the kitchen. MAN! This is the way to DO it!!

Of course, the dogs almost immediately requested to go outside to get away from the noise, and the cats are running around crazy, but I’m enjoying singing at the top of my lungs and not having to worry about waking anyone up.

It’s the little things, I tell ya.