Things that Annoy Me

1. My mother-in-law doesn’t know how to lock her cell phone. Thus, it randomly calls us sometimes. So we can hear her in the background, chatting it up with people wherever she is. Today she was at Lowe’s or somewhere with a greenhouse, talking about watering plants. When she called us again about 20 minutes later I could hear her chatting with Lori, her best friend.

2. My father-in-law borrows my car on Friday mornings, which does NOT annoy me. He does this so that we do not have to move two carseats over to his car when he and Mary Lou take the girls for the morning. What annoys me is that he isn’t (or they aren’t) careful when locking the girls into their carseats, so the straps get all twisty. This wouldn’t be annoying except that UNtwisting them takes quite a few minutes. KEEPING them untwisted is trivial. Drives me up the wall. I had to untwist both carseats’ straps this afternoon.

3. My husband will not keep frozen peas on his newly snipped package. He doesn’t seem to believe me that swelling is PAINFUL, and I’m doing what I can to prevent him from extra pain.