All Done!

Last night, after watching Helen languish on the floor all afternoon, the decision was made to take her to the emergency room for fluids. Three hours later, we left with a MUCH perkier child — and one who had eaten almost TWO popsicles! This is significant only because we’ve never actually seen her eat an entire popsicle before, much less two of them… And because since Saturday, her entire intake consisted of about 6 saltine crackers.

Then, this morning, Alice had her ear surgery. At 7:00am Jerry and I went out to the waiting room, and at 7:12am the surgeon came out to say, “All done!” Alice did great… Mad as hell to have been denied breakfast, but otherwise fine. And I think she’s been surprised several times at how loud the world is now that she’s not encumbered by all of that fluid.

In other news, Jerry and I have contracted some of Helen’s stomach bug. So, of the four of us, the kid that had surgery this morning feels the best. She’s just her happy little self. Hopefully the rest of us will begin feeling better soon.