First Quarter Official Finish Along Results

Here’s a link to my original list: Clicky

1. Celtic Sherbet Mystery.

Status: DONE!




2. Scrap Vomit.

Status: DONE. Renamed “A Quilt for Ben,” and is now living with Ben in Minnesota as he undergoes chemotherapy.


3.  Entropy.

Status: DONE.

Entropy on the Fence



4. Fibonacci Squared.

Status: DONE.




5. Scrappy Trip in Love.

Status: DONE. It is now living in Georgia with its new owner.




And a bonus that wasn’t on my original list…

It’s Loud in Here: DONE.


I am very happy that I finished all five of the ones on that list…


True confession time… I did start 3 quilts, but I’m still ahead, right? HA! I haven’t started any since January, though, and I won’t until at least after Easter. The UFO pile is shrinking. A little. Maybe.


Thanks to Katy at The Littlest Thistle for heading up this Finish Along!