2014 Q1 FAL (Finish Along) projects

Okiedokie, here goes. I’m going to participate in some internet peer pressure.


These are the projects that I think I can finish this quarter and where they currently stand:

1. Celtic Sherbet Mystery. I will remove the anemic green border, replace with the pink that Friday the Quilt Inspector is pointing to, and layer and quilt it. The pink and backing have been ordered. I need to get batting for it.


2. Scrap Vomit. It has been layered and is ready for quilting. I haven’t decided what color I’m going to quilt with yet but I think I’m going to go with a variegated thread in red, probably. Dunno. I’ll decide when I sit down to do it, I suppose. Quilting will be very simple. The backing is navy blue flannel. Yummy!

3. Entropy. I have a backing made but I don’t currently have enough batting to layer it unless I piece chunks together, which I don’t want to do. So I’ll go get some batting or order some batting soon. Anybody know of a sale on cotton batting?

4. Fibonacci Squared. Layered/basted, marked, ready to quilt. Terrified to start. Need to just DOOOO EEEEET.

5. This one. Why it’s not done yet I do not know.

Scrappy Trip Around the World #2, using Amy Butler's "Love" fabric line

Scrappy Trip Around the World #2, using Amy Butler’s “Love” fabric line


Apparently I will need to get on the quilting machine and off of the piecing machine. Allrightythen.

4 thoughts on “2014 Q1 FAL (Finish Along) projects”

  1. Yes, it’s Oakshotts. I bought a stack of fat quarters and used every last little bit of them. I love this wall hanging and can’t wait to finish it so I can see it every day. I just have to decide how to quilt it.

  2. You have some beautiful projects and I can’t wait to see them completed. I think Connecting Threads has Hobbs Heirloom batting 30% off.

  3. This just makes me want to get a few scrappy TATW’s on the go, love your Oakshotts quilt, I’ve been using them exclusively as solids since they came out, you just cannot beat them for colour popping wow.

    Re – batting, recently got some 92″ 80/20 cotton batting on ebay for 7.99mtr & liked it so much I’m about to order an entire roll, machine & hand quilts beautifully.


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