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The Random:

1. I used to have perfect pitch until 1993 TMJ surgery necessitated a cut through both of my ear canals. Now I have strong relative pitch, but not perfect pitch anymore. Thank goodness. Perfect pitch isn’t really a blessing — when people sing off-key it used to be physically painful (to the point that I had to quit show choir in high school because of the always-flat teacher’s pet). I also have difficulty hearing conversations when there’s a lot of background noise now.

2. I took karate in college, mostly for the PE credit but also for the peace of mind of knowing a little self defense on a college campus in the murder capital of North Carolina. I had been in karate for about 7 weeks when I came back for the debutante ball, and my pectoral muscles are, um, kind of defined in my formal portraits from that event. And my dress almost didn’t fit over my biceps. That’s the only year of my life that I’ve ever had a 6-pack abdomen, too. Ah, the glory days.

3. I haven’t taken any art classes since 1989 (second semester sophomore year in high school). Everything I have learned I pretty much learned from my mother (who has a BFA in Fine Arts and is a wealth of information) or by experimenting.

4. Classical music has a strange power over me. I could not study to it in college because I’d listen too much and I’d get completely distracted by it. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings gets me every time (it was in “Platoon” for those of you wondering… and the video I linked to was made 4 days after 9/11 so it’s also very very powerful). The moment when Helen was born, George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue was playing in the delivery room; it’s quite possibly my very favorite piece of music. Serenade for Winds by Mozart makes me cry. When Paul Potts sang Nessun Dorma on “Britain’s Got Talent,” I was overcome with emotion when he sang that first well-known phrase. And Andrew Johnston singing Pie Jesu on the same show… oh, my. If you don’t click on any of the other links, click on that last one and see if it doesn’t do something to you. *sniffle*

5. I will not eat sashimi. Too many biology classes. Not to mention I’m not especially a fan of fish to start with.

6. My favorite color to wear is orange, but my favorite color to use in my quilts and scrapbooks is lime green. It’s the new black, apparently.

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  1. Love the links you added under number 4! The Paul Potts clip has been saved on my favorites for a while – I go back to it whenever I need a little lift…and orange…*sigh* love me some orange. =]

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