You know what I wish?

I wish I could adopt the attitude that I have for knitting and apply it to my quilting.

I don’t knit fast. I knit during meetings, while I’m sitting in the carpool line, and when I’m waiting for tutoring students. My purling process is weird, but results in a correct stitch. I knit in a strange position, too — sort of a mix between the English and Continental styles, probably because I’m left-handed. But I carry it with me everywhere and work on my knitting whenever I can. I actually have several nice items because of my stick-tuitiveness in the knitting department.

I don’t *want* to knit fast, because it’s expensive to knit with good yarn. And I don’t want to knit with cheap yarn. So I’m perfectly happy to knit slowly. Because that means that I don’t have to change projects very often.

But quilting? For some reason, once I get the top pieced, I want the quilting process to go FAST, even though I do enjoy that process. And I’m always annoyed that it doesn’t.

So my wish is that I could slow down and enjoy the process more, and not feel like I have to race and race from project to project. What’s the hurry anyway?

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