You know what I wish?

I wish I could adopt the attitude that I have for knitting and apply it to my quilting.

I don’t knit fast. I knit during meetings, while I’m sitting in the carpool line, and when I’m waiting for tutoring students. My purling process is weird, but results in a correct stitch. I knit in a strange position, too — sort of a mix between the English and Continental styles, probably because I’m left-handed. But I carry it with me everywhere and work on my knitting whenever I can. I actually have several nice items because of my stick-tuitiveness in the knitting department.

I don’t *want* to knit fast, because it’s expensive to knit with good yarn. And I don’t want to knit with cheap yarn. So I’m perfectly happy to knit slowly. Because that means that I don’t have to change projects very often.

But quilting? For some reason, once I get the top pieced, I want the quilting process to go FAST, even though I do enjoy that process. And I’m always annoyed that it doesn’t.

So my wish is that I could slow down and enjoy the process more, and not feel like I have to race and race from project to project. What’s the hurry anyway?

Linus makes a request

Jerry likes to sit in this chair in our bedroom and read. He usually has a pillow on his lap to prop the book up a bit.

Linus wanted to be given permission to jump on the bed (he won’t get up there without permission).

So he went over to Jerry, and placed his head on the pillow. And just stood there and stared at Jerry for about 2 minutes. It was really cute. I love that dog.

Linus says please.