Mutual Admiration Society

I received a complaint last night that I needed to post again. Good grief, people! I was a madwoman in January. I’ve been taking a break! HMPH!


I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop CS3, which is the super-wowie zambini extra-fabulous digital editing software, and spent all blasted day today trying to figure out where things were. I’d gotten comfy in PSE5.0 so it was tempting on several occasions to just throw my hands in the air and go back to the familiar. But I plodded on, and did finally crank out a layout.

Must tell you about this one, though…. My dad’s of Scandinavian stock. As such, he’s not an outwardly affectionate guy. Fiercely loyal, very loving, but just not … huggy. He never has been. He’d squeeze my shoulder or my knee and tell me how proud he was, but I don’t really remember ever sitting in his lap or snuggling with him. It’s just not in his nature, really. He shows his affection in other ways — by coming over and helping install new lighting, by hand-making a gorgeous wooden rocking chair for me as a wedding gift, by handmaking the crib that both of our children slept in for the first 2 years of their lives. He’s very loving. Just not outwardly affectionate.

So to see him snuggle with Alice the way he does is extremely meaningful to me. It makes me very, very happy.

Mutual Admiration Society
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