Hey, all you who have written comments and then not seen them… I wasn’t getting emails to tell me that I needed to come moderate them. They should all be there now. Sorry about that! I’ll try to train myself to check more often. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Moderation”

  1. Elaine, will you tell Jay he promised quilt pictures on his blog and while the plane is pretty, I want to see the quilt!!! By the way, once they start with the planes it never ends, they get bigger and faster and bigger and $$. Should be fine competition for your beautiful quilts.

  2. Jaylene — I know — my dad is hopelessly addicted to RC planes and has been for my entire lifetime. He took a break from them for about 15 years while he was doing a lot of woodworking and flying of a full-scale plane, but now that he’s retired he took up RC planes again (and he’s still woodworking and flying his big plane).

    But Jerry’s been threatening to get a hobby in order to compete with my myriad hobbies, and I guess this is it! 🙂 I’m happy, really. He needed a hobby that didn’t involve computers.

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