I know this image is too big.

But I don’t feel like resizing it and I wanted to share anyway.

Here are all 36 blocks of the Evidence of Disease quilt.

Evidence of Disease

After I took this picture, there were a few changes to the arrangement made, but this is more or less what it’ll look like when all sewn together. Woowoo!

3 thoughts on “I know this image is too big.”

  1. I still think you should rename the quilt. It’s not evidence of disease. It’s evidence of too much acid. Or crack.

    Too Much Crack.

    Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

  2. Or, perhaps: “36 Caliedescopes sitting on a wall. They all fell off, and Elaine put them back together again and made this….”

    It is very cool, E!

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