Friday, the girls and I drove to Nashville to visit our friend Stacy (who is linked in the sidebar over there), who was visiting her sister in Tennessee. Another axe-murdering internet friend, Amy, met up with us for the day and we had a great time.

The kids (all four of them under the age of 6) were SO good. Helen and Aidan and Ian had a great time playing Power Rangers and rescuing the world from Bad Guys, and Alice just tried to get into trouble, thwarted at every turn. She actually was really good, considering the potential for disaster with three easily-distracted adults and three little kids wreaking havoc all over the place.

There were only two tantrums of note: Alice when somebody pushed her at the breakfast buffet yesterday morning (do NOT push Alice when food is involved), and Aidan as we were leaving. Helen had another fit in the car on the way home (she was mad that the slumber party was over and whined for a solid half hour about it), but there were no witnesses to that besides me so I’m not going to count it.

Only one kid got hurt: the boys and Helen were jumping from bed to bed in the hotel room, and one time Ian forgot to jump and just landed really hard on his left knee. Ian screamed like a banshee and refused to walk, and so Stacy and I were wondering if something really was wrong and our peaceful trip to Nashville was about to take an unpleasant detour to the Emergency Room. Luckily, Amy is an expert in Boy Melodrama, so she checked him for excess blood and then tickled him into submission until he more or less forgot about his mortal wound.

I tortured Amy and Stacy with my latest quilt (I finished it Thursday), as well as “Outside the Box” (Stacy’s favorite) and the 9 Cinco de Mayo quilt blocks I have finished thus far. They patted me on the head quite nicely and then I took them down and put them all back into the car. 🙂

It was a wonderful break from the drudgery of the day-to-day, and I’m so glad we took the time to drive up there, even if I hate driving in Nashville. Aside from missing my exit because of construction and then having to backtrack and figure out what to do when they’d taken all of the directional signs down, it wasn’t so bad. I found where we were supposed to go and we had a good time.

So. Which other of my axe-murdering friends are going to be anywhere nearby soon?

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