I think that the very first person named Obediah must have been named by a Southern toddler:

“Alice, where’s your sister?”

“Where’s your sippy cup?”

“Have you seen my keys?”
“They’re Obediah.”

….. In other news, I’m essentially “computerless” these days… my laptop’s powersource will not stay plugged in, even when I roll up a catalog and wedge it in to hold it in place. That “fix” worked for several months, but even that isn’t working anymore.

So I’m coming in and working on Jerry’s Mac periodically, but that cuts WAY down on my computer usage. Which is good and bad, I guess.

But blame my reticence of late on the computer issues. We hope to possibly have a new computer in the next few weeks, but we’re shopping around now and trying to make sure we get the best deal we can for what I need.

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