Sock shoe sock shoe

Jerry has made fun of me for years.

When I put on socks and shoes, I do it in this order: Sock, shoe, sock, shoe. Always. So that if I have to walk anywhere partially through the process, my socks don’t get dirty or wet (if I end up having to go back into the bathroom after I’ve taken a shower, etc.).

Jerry puts his on sock, sock, shoe, shoe. I figure it’s more efficient to complete the task with one foot before starting on the other foot.

Of course, I wear clogs most of the time now anyway, so it’s kind of moot (NOT MUTE. It is NOT A MUTE POINT. Ugh. I hate that misspelling.), but anyway. I’m just sayin’.

So. What do you do? Sock, sock, shoe, shoe? Or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?

Is it weird that Jerry and I have actually taken the time to notice these little quirks?

13 thoughts on “Sock shoe sock shoe”

  1. Not weird. I just think you must not have enough things clogging the freeways of your minds, though. Bwa!

    Me? Sock, sock, shoe, shoe.
    Although, for the last 4 months, it’s been Croc, Croc.

  2. You are definitely doing it the correct way.

    Just think of the wasted energy lifting a foot and crossing its associated leg over the other, putting on a sock then putting then uncrossing the leg and putting the foot back on the floor. Then you have to do the same with the other leg and foot. Now, instead of being done, Jerry has to repeat the whold process to put on his shoes. It’s a total duplication of effot. Doesn’t he know there’s an energy crisis?

    I suppose he could try the excuse that it’s his morning workout.

  3. You are asking ME if that’s weird? Ha!

    I’m a sock-sock-clog-clog person. But I do not get up and go anywhere until the clog-clog portion is done, unless it’s for slipper-slipper. Like you, I will not walk back into the bathroom in sock feet lest I get moist feet.

    And I try to be the first one on the rug, if I can help it. I do not like walking on someone else’s shower water. But that’s a whole blog in itself.

  4. My method minimizes the amount of time spent in a lopsided configuration. I like symmetry.

  5. I usually do sock-sock (first right, then left) then shoe-shoe (right, then left). BUT, when I wore panty hose, left foot/leg always goes in first! Today I did sock-shoe, sock shoe.

  6. I read your blog from time to time but haven’t posted.

    I am a sock, sock…eventually shoe, shoe. My shoes are in the laundry room in an attempt to keep some of the dirt off the carpet. Socks are on to keep the body oils from transferring to the carpet, thus attracting more dirt.

  7. LEFT sock, RIGHT sock. LEFT shoe, RIGHT shoe.

    This is necessary for the correct progression of the day.

  8. Sock Sock

    Search Search

    Shoe Shoe

    I have never paid any attention to which first goes first.

    But I have heard tell that STACY uses her RIGHT…

  9. I think it’s clear the sock-sock people win. The sock-shoe sock-shoe people? Freaks. Every one of them.

    Still, I love you …despite the fact that you are one of THEM.

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