Nap Strike

Alice is in the middle of a Nap Strike. I hate it.

Nobody better tell my mother, because she’s about to keep the girls for 4 days for the first time, and if she finds out that Alice isn’t napping, she’s going to be MOST unhappy about it.

Hopefully Alice will be better-behaved for my mother than she is for me in this area lately.

6 thoughts on “Nap Strike”

  1. LOL at Sarah… .

    I feel your pain, E. Mike tries to avoid napping on Saturdays. He does great all week at daycare… But. Not. On. Saturdays.

  2. Prediction: Alice will wear herself out daily while we’re gone and nap soundly.

    Prediction: Jerry will be on vacation and not worried about it.

  3. Emma continues to go on nap strike OFTEN…we get MAYBE 1 nap a week. However, she has quiet time everyday, in her room for about 2 hours as I figure that’s about how long her nap should be. Mean? Maybe. Saving Mom’s sanity? Definately! Theo’s already not a napper. It’s great. Oh, and tonight is the first night in his room, in his crib! Yahoo! I’m anticipating a night of numerous awakenings, but I must break him of the habbit of sleeping in his swing. If it’s swinging (all night long) he’ll sleep from 9:30-7:30. The swing has been a crutch for me for obvious reasons….Have a GREAT trip!!!

  4. Quiet time is fine with us, too. Sometimes I think the break (be it sleeping or just quiet) is for the parents as much as the kids!

    Excuse me. Not kids. Helen corrects me when I say “kids” because, as she tells me, “kids are goats. I am a children.”

    They teach her all sorts of things at that school…

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