Alice and I were going to go to Decatur (the geographical location, not the euphemism) this morning, because my Outback hasn’t been serviced by them in a long time. It’s gotten its oil changes on time and full checks by the the Express Oil Change people, but seeing as the Subaru is still under warranty, it’s in my best interest to have the Subaru people check it out once in a while. I love this car, and I would like to drive it for a long time. And I just hit 20,000 miles a few months ago, so they definitely need to check it.

I had to reschedule, because Alice can’t hold anything down this morning. I’m wondering if another tooth is cutting — she seems otherwise fine and happy, just… uh… fountain-like.

The Subaru lady is obviously a mother: “Oh, you poor thing, not a problem at ALL. Would you like to reschedule now? Or you can call back when it’s not so crazy in your house…”

If you’re going to buy a Subaru, GO TO DECATUR. The Subaru people here are asses. But the people over there are SO nice. We leased our first one in 1999, bought Jerry’s in 2001, bought a newer version of mine (same color and body style and everything, so people wouldn’t notice that we had purchased a new car a week before our baby was born and when Jerry had been laid off) when the lease ran out on the first one in 2002, and we are STILL very happy with our cars. Jerry’s is a little smaller than he likes (he’s got a Forester), but it serves us well. Not sure if he’ll want an Outback when he gets a new car in a few years, or if he’ll jump ship to a different make of car, but I’ll probably stick with Subarus.

But only Subarus from DECATUR.

9 thoughts on “Decatur”

  1. We didn’t go, of course… I’ve already done the vomit-in-my-car thing. Didn’t want to repeat that… So we’re here. And we’re doing the vomit-in-my-house thing. Whee.

  2. Yep. I’m a dedicated Subaru owner.

    Seriously… don’t most states have a Decatur and an Athens that are usually pretty close to each other? I know that Alabama does, and Tennessee does, and Georgia does. Maybe it’s just a Southern thing.

  3. I imagine that Alabama has a lot of things that are pretty close…brothers, sisters, cousins…you know, family tree with no limbs…

    I’m pretty sure Cali doesn’t have a Decatur or Athens. Just sayin’…

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