I went to my eye doctor this morning for a contact lens fitting (they fit, and I have 20/20 vision with them, so that’s good), and to have my tear ducts flushed out. They get clogged. I know, I’m a freak.

Anyway. I’ve been noticing recently that both of my eyes are watering more than they should be, which was the precursor to my right tear duct getting infected 7 years ago.

So this morning, the eye doctor tried to flush out both eyes using a syringe and needle and saline solution, while his assistant plugged the top opening of the tear duct shut with a Q-tip. He did about 4-5 flushes on the right side, and maybe 3 on the left. We’re not sure if it worked, but I’ll know in a day or two.

The plan is that, if it worked, great, I’ll just go back for my checkup in a year. If it didn’t work, I’ll have to go see an eye surgeon so that they can force out the obstruction, whatever it is, with a wire.


But an infected tear duct hurrrrrts. So if this didn’t work, I guess I’ll proceed as directed.

Why can’t I have normal problems? When my warranty runs out, Jerry’s going to trade me in, I just know it.

7 thoughts on “Wired?”

  1. Elaine, honey, do you just go around asking doctors to perform the weirdest surguries they can think of on you?
    Ok, just kidding. Hope it worked.

  2. Yes, actually. I’m trying to decide what my next freakish malady should be. Ideas, anyone?

  3. You could have ‘things’ moved from one side to the other. All in all, a minor procedure….. But be warned. It feels like your chest has been hooked up to a light socket….

  4. But would you really want me to be TREATED for that, Jerry? Or would you just take one for the team and endure a nymphomaniac wife?


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