Squeak squeak

In May, we shuffled the house and Helen’s room is now directly under the sewing/craft/storage room. The floor squeaks really badly up there, especially near the doorway.

If I’m busy in there after she goes to bed, moving around a lot, Helen will frequently have nightmares.

So I’m torn. I really want to go up there and work on a scrapbook or our Christmas stockings (which are looking pretty good, actually), or whatever, but I don’t want her to come upstairs in the middle of the night complaining about wolves or snakes or water or whatever the terror of the day is.


10 thoughts on “Squeak squeak”

  1. Or a little aquarium… I have aquariums in both kids room for that purpose. Mike’s is only a one gallon with a goldfish, but the “bubbles” work well…

  2. How about we try to solve the source of the problem instead of just covering it up? How about we attempt to stop the squeaks?

    I’ll research. Too bad that room is not on the List Of Rooms To Recarpet, as it would be a perfect time to try to stop the squeaks.

  3. Ask Normy. He knows how to unsqueak a floor.

    Not that he’s done it to ours in THIS house. But the OLD house was veddy quiet.

  4. I want Helen to be able to fall asleep in a normal room, without props. Occasional use of a whitenoise machine is fine… regular use is not something I want to jump into until we exhaust other options first.

    Helen slept during the summer in her new room with Elaine working on quilts in the room above just fine. The issue of her getting up at night are a recent thing, and more apt to happen in the middle of the night after everyone is in bed. Thus, I’m not sold on the idea that they are caused by the floor squeaks to begin with.

    I would like to desqueak the floor, though it’s currently way down my priority list.

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