Perfect! Um….except….

I had a dream last night that I thought of THE PERFECT Halloween costume for me. I was so excited putting it together, and I just KNEW that everyone would think it was fantastic and great and would talk about it for a long time, the same way that they talked about it when Jerry and I were Neo and Trinity two years ago and I had made Jerry’s coat. We looked pretty cool that night, even if I was holding a Teletubbie (Helen) in most of the pictures, in my shiny black vinyl.

Halloween 2003

Anyway. Last night’s dream. I apparently left out two critical points with this dream, and my brain didn’t really feel like resolving them, so they just got skipped.

The costume, you ask? I was going to be… are you ready?




I was gonna be BILLY IDOL!!! I had perfected the sneer in the mirror and everything — I was SO excited.

Well. Apparently, my brain just left out the little details — that I am NOT blonde (I had located the spray blonde, but I couldn’t verify if it would actually bleach my hair or just coat it, but I was unworried). And that, um, I’m FEMALE and the esteemed Mr. Idol goes shirtless under his denim jacket. I’m flat-chested, sure. But I’m not THAT flat-chested.

Again, I was unworried. This was not a problem.


And I was with Chris Noth (Mr. Big) in the dream, getting ready to head out to some party. In a very cluttered and very gay hotel room — lots of black and red and velvet and chrome. Bizarre. Jerry was meeting us later. Or something. I really have no idea, except that I was unworried about all of it.

Helen woke me up before I got to see my full costume. Thank God.

7 thoughts on “Perfect! Um….except….”

  1. Mmmm.. Mr. Big. Yummy.

    We could make you a beige spandex top to go underneath the jacket (much like the material used for dance tights). You’d LOOK shirtless.

    And I love the Billy Idol idea. LOVE IT.

    OR, Jerry could be Robert Palmer and you could be a Robert Palmer girl.

  2. If laxatives make your brain all funky, then I AM THERE. Because that, Zyrtec, and Advil are all that I’m taking at the moment, because I’d like to be able to drive and hold intelligent conversations that I will actually remember and function as a human being. As opposed to a pet rock.

    Nah… Jerry had another idea for Halloween costumes for us. Kinda funny, really. Now begins the hunting and gathering for these costumes. And no, I’m not telling you what we’re gonna be. LOL

  3. I’m remembering that Chris Noth was dressing up as John Travolta. So in effect, that cancels itself out.

    Normy, I will always love you. Never you worry.

  4. In the midnight hour
    She cried “More! More! More!”
    With a rebel yell
    “More! More! More!”

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