Helen has an obnoxious habit of shaking her chocolate milk. Just now, I came upstairs for a few minutes hoping that she’d settle down in her Blue’s Clues sleeping bag and take a nap. I had given her a full sippy cup full of chocolate milk, because she had asked me very nicely and we’re trying to encourage that whenever we can.

All of a sudden, there was an eruption of hysterics from downstairs, and I went down there to find chocolate milk dripping off of everything — Helen, the sofa, the sleeping bag (which has a large stuffed Blue head as a pillow, so I can’t put it in the washing machine — I either have to go to the laundromat or have the stupid thing cleaned), and two of my quilts. Thank GOD I don’t work with white fabric as a general rule or Helen would be dead and I’d be in a squad car right about now. Since they were primarily orange (the names of them are “O, My Eyes Are Bleeding,” and “Again With the Orange?!”… both named by Jerry, as you can see), they’re just in the washing machine. They may spot, but probably not noticeably.

Anyway. She was shaking the milk and the cap popped off from the pressure of the bubbles. And since Helen gets VERY upset by all things messy or sticky, she lost it.

New rule: all dairy products must be consumed while sitting at the kitchen table, and NO SHAKING.


6 thoughts on “Milkshake”

  1. The GOOD thing? The shaken milk taught her more of a lesson than you ever could.

    Damn. So THAT’S why they keep yarping about the shaking……..

    And when she starts to shake…. “DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME YOU SHOOK YOUR MILK???!!!!”

    Handy, that will be.

  2. Jerry makes excellent names for quilts.

    Which is only as it should be, of course, since Elaine makes excellent quilts.

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