Go Team Veggie!

Helen likes broccoli. This week, anyway. She has never liked it before, but last week her cousin Lauren was eating it so I blanched some florets for her (so they’d be easier to chew — with my jaw issues, I pretty much always blanch it), provided Ranch dressing, and now she asks for it at pretty much every meal.

Yay! This means she’ll now eat broccoli, corn, and frozen peas! And raw spinach leaves slathered in Ranch dressing. And radishes. And black olives. Kind of an odd vegetable repertoire, really.

(Alice, on the other hand, has only one food that I have found that she does not like: bananas. Everything else is DEEEEEEELICIOUS.)

One thought on “Go Team Veggie!”

  1. Mira was very similar to Helen. She only ate peas until Leela starting eating table food. Once she saw Leela scarfing down broccoli, cauliflower, and just about every other veggie, she started eating them too (well, some of them, not all of them).

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