There was MUCH laughing at lunch today — it was so much fun to see Sarah and Megan and celebrate our day together (a day early, but hey)… There was much laughing, and much fretting over Katrina. We talked about Katrina lots, and how much Megan’s dad is missed and needs to COME BACK TO HUNTSVILLE ASAP, etc. Our conversation was all over the place, and we fell together like old friends. It was a joy, and I hope we can repeat it more than just once a year.

I had a delicious lunch (Chicken Masaman with Avocados) that I haven’t been able to have since I’ve been nursing, because it has cashews and peanuts in it. And coconut soup. And creme brulee. I love that now that I’m not nursing anymore I can eat and drink whatever I want and not worry about how it’s going to affect anyone other than me. For 4 years I have been eating with someone ELSE’s comfort in mind.

Today’s lunch was for ME. And I savored every bite of it.

And now for the two requisite inside jokes, that generated that absolute most laughter for the day:
“Check, please!”
“I went to Decatur last night.”

You women are damn funny, and I’m proud to know you, and especially proud to share my birthday with you (since I had it first, it’s MINE. hahaha)…

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