Playgroup No More

I’ve been calling them The Stepford Wives, because these are snotty, stuck up women in my neighborhood who seem to have put too much emphasis on their sorority experience. Perfectly coiffed, perfectly made up, fake nails, capris, espadrilles, and designer diaper bags.

I. Do. Not. Fit. In.

Anyway. Two weeks ago, I was supposed to host it, but Alice had a fever, so I called everyone on the list and cancelled it, and said I’d take today instead, so sorry, so sorry. Last week, I couldn’t go because Helen had a fever, and I spoke to the hostess of that one on Thursday afternoon.

Today, Megan came over to help clean the house in preparation — with all my creative binging, I just haven’t found the time lately. This afternoon, I put out food, and Helen stood at the front window asking where her friends were.

Only last week’s hostess had the decency to call me to let me know she wouldn’t be able to come. The other EIGHT women just stood us up.

So I called the organizer a few minutes ago, who I *do* like a lot, and just told her to please take me off the list, that only Deb had bothered to call and no one had shown up at all and Helen was disappointed. She said, “Oh, my God, it’s Thursday. I am so sorry. I have had a migraine for ten days now, and it will not go away.”

I said I hoped she’d feel better. She said, “I’ll call everyone and see if they’re committed; I guess it’s hard with school starting back and everything. I’m sorry Helen’s disappointed — I know if it were William I’d be upset, too.”

My response was a very terse, “I’m just amazed that people can be so rude. And honestly? I don’t need it. You guys have fun in the future.” She said she’d…. pass along the message. It was a little awkward, but I didn’t try to fix it.

Burned a bridge. But I don’t care at all, other than the irritation I’m feeling today. That’ll be gone tonight… My house is clean, which is very very nice. πŸ™‚ I love that. Megan’s a sweetheart to have come to help me today.

I will write a note to the organizer — her excuse is a valid one, and I don’t want to destroy that friendship over this. She’s been nothing but nice to me. The rest of them, however, are just inexcusably rude. Social climbers that they are, they should KNOW better.

7 thoughts on “Playgroup No More”

  1. We need to make it happen. It’s a long weekend. Let me know if you have any time!?!? They could play trains!!! πŸ™‚

  2. YOU pick a day. You have b’day plans!!! I really haven’t made any plans for the weekend except for Saturday night. So anything will work for me. If it’s hot, we could even try to get to a pool?

  3. Oh Elaine, that makes me so mad. What’s even more frustrating, is the fact that their children will all grow up into stuck up snobs who treat other kids the exact same way.

    You’re right, you don’t need em.

    Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! (It is tomorrow, right?)

  4. Yep, it’s tomorrow! Megan and Sarah and I are going to lunch today, and hopefully we’ll ALL get free Creme Brulee since all three of us are 9/3 girls. It’s worth a try, anyway!

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