An Open Letter

Dear Boobies,

Thank you for your time of service. You have done your job well since this time 4 years ago, when you were first drafted when I became pregnant with Helen.

Yesterday, I think, ended your service. Rather than have a “last time” nursing Alice and getting all maudlin and tearful, I decided after the fact that yesterday’s naptime was The Last Time.

It’s tougher on the mommy to end a nursing relationship than it is for the baby — babies adapt amazingly well to whatever gets thrown at them, for the most part. And Alice is no exception. As long as she gets the just-before-bed snugglefest, she’s happy. The nursing was just a bonus, but she certainly didn’t need it for nutrition. She’s a BIG fan of milk (Lactaid whole milk), so I know she’s getting what she needs from that. But it’s hard for the mommy — a chapter is closing, and for me, I know it’s closing forever. No more babies, no more nursing, no more uninterrupted snuggle time with babies where the infant nuzzles in and the hormones cause me to relax so completely. It’s a beautiful feeling, and so peaceful. And she’s growing up; it’s time to stop.

The main reasons I have to stop NOW as opposed to letting it just go on indefinitely… I will be having surgery September 22 and will be on massive pain killers that Alice cannot — must not — have, even filtered. So she had to be weaned before my surgery. Which is why I have put off my surgery this long — the surgeon thought I was nuts to be willing to continue living with the level of convenience I have been, but I told him that her health was far more important than my convenience, and I could wait a year.

In order to have my surgery and have it go as smoothly as possible, I have had to go back on The Pill to time things appropriately. And Alice doesn’t need THAT either. I thought I was done with The Pill. Apparently, not for another 6 weeks or so.

So. Yesterday it was. And it was a beautiful time — she was sweet, and snuggly, and warm, and sleepy, and very happy to be there. And I will remember that moment forever.

Thank you. You’ve served us well. Helen, Alice, and I all appreciate it. In exchange, I promise to do monthly exams to keep you healthy.


7 thoughts on “An Open Letter”

  1. “The main reasons I have to stop NOW as opposed to letting it just go on indefinitely… I will be having surgery September 22..”

    That, and (let’s face it) 6 year olds who nurse really freak out your friends.

    As my friend Jen used to say, “If they’re old enough to ask for it, might be time to take it away.”

  2. Exactly. I weaned Helen at 15 months because she was starting to tug at my shirt in public.


    Alice is more discreet — she’ll toddle into her room and start patting the rocking chair. And her word for it is “mum-mum-mum-mum-mum-mum…”

    So clear, but so much less obtrusive than trying to undress me in public.

  3. Discreet always gets my clothes off easier.

    Wait, what are we talking about..?

    In all seriousness, I loved this post. It tugged at things I sometimes forget tug. 🙂

  4. Sarah sunbathes in the nude… I read it on the internet!

    Oh, and well done, Elaine’s boobies… well done.

    Wow. This is my best comment EVER!

  5. My breasts didn’t cooperate on weaning. I weaned just in time for my friend Sabrina’s wedding. Then about 3 days later, I got a massive lump in my left breast — the day before the wedding. I was crying to Jeff (in the hotel room in Virginia just before the wedding)… His suggestion? Just let Mike nurse. I was all worried that nursing again would make Mike want to go back on the boob… Nope. He sucked. Lump went. He never tried again. But you’re right, E, it was all emotional for me… Our last time!

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