Pass it On

My nieces were here for the past two weeks. Alice had the fever virus, which was passed to Helen and Lauren almost simultaneously. Lauren went back to Virginia yesterday. Lauren is still sick. Apparently, she has a UTI and Strep throat.

Elaine’s throat has been sore all day. So has Elaine’s mom’s.

This does not bode well.

Alice is BACK on antibiotics (eyedrops and orally) because her eyes started producing sludge again today.

Fun fun fun, yippee yahoo.

6 thoughts on “Pass it On”

  1. I got out my saline nasal spray and used TONS right before bedtime, and my throat does NOT hurt today. At all. So that’s cool. 🙂

    I’m quite familiar with strep, though. I used to get it three times a year, minimum. Until I got mono in college — haven’t had it since (knock on wood). Now I just get tonsillitis, which is SO much worse. But so much less frequent (like once every three years instead).

    Next time I get tonsillitis, though, I was told by my dad (who came to check on me last time because I had had a high fever for 7 days and the antibiotics weren’t tapping it) that the tonsils will likely have to come out. They’ve been beaten up and show the scars. Still haven’t gone to the ENT to have him check, though — denial, denial, denial.

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