You can always tell the days that Helen refuses to take a nap, because I don’t get ANYthing done around here and the house gets even more wrecked than it already was. Which was pretty wrecked, since we just came off a weekend.

I do a lot of crisis cleaning when the girls nap. When I don’t get that time, it shows. 🙁

And I hate that Jerry is going to come home to this pigsty tonight. That’s the worst.

8 thoughts on “Napless”

  1. He gets it. I know he does.

    SAHMs work too. Probably twice as hard.

    And tell Helen I understand. I get pretty cranky when I don’t get a nap.

  2. Two words, and I MEAN IT!


    Jerry, get her one. You can’t afford NOT to. Truse me on this. It’s WAY cheaper than therapy or drugs.

  3. I want a cleaning lady. I even know of one.

    I just gotta get through the crap so she can get to the crud.

  4. That’s the problem! My cleaning lady (who I had when I was pregnant) is starting back tomorrow. (PRAISE JESUS!) But I have to pay my 12-year-old to pick up enough tonight … so Nancy can clean! (I’m on a business trip, and of course didn’t get it done BEFORE I left.)

    Nonetheless, I will come home from my business trip to a CLEAN HOUSE.

  5. Steph.. that was a very frustrating part of growing up in our household. We’d have to clean for the maids to clean. I never truly understood it. I mean, if I’m gonna pay you to CLEAN my house.. I want you to CLEAN my house.

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