It’s keeping me awake.

I went to sleep last night thinking about it.

I caught myself dreaming about it.

I worked on it this morning while Alice napped, while I waited for the shower.

I’ve been wanting to work on it all day.

And the girls will be home in an hour.

Where does the time go?

And tonight, I have water aerobics at 8. Maybe we’ll get a thunderstorm and I can work on it.

It’s looking great, though. I’ll share photos when it gets a little further along… I LOVE it when I get on a creative binge like this. It’s enthralling. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. Yeah, well, it’s keep you away from THE COMPUTER, Elaine. What am I supposed to do all day while you’re off, QUILTING? Am I just supposed to sit here all day and WORK? S’crap!

    (I’m excited you’re excited. :))

  2. HEY! where do you go do water aerobics?? i used to do them at the YMCA in muscle shoals and really enjoyed it.

  3. Then you best put down Sonnet and get a move on.

    Sonnet can wait until you are bedridden. This cannot.

  4. Worry ye not, Nancy. I’m not working on Sonnet yet. Gotta finish Rhapsody first.

    (Anyone else notice a theme?)

  5. LOL….

    I thought this post was about ME! I’m one of those blog readers who thinks ALL POSTS are REALLY about ME!

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