First Day of School

Today was Helen’s first day at The New School, and she was SO excited. I was taking FAR too long getting her and her sister ready to go this morning, and she was quickly losing patience. She waited quietly in the car while I dropped Alice off at The Old School, and then we drove 4 doors down in the rain to The New School, where Helen promptly got a case of Cold Feet.

She clung to me and didn’t want me to leave. Miss Ruby mentioned Play-Doh, and suddenly things were better… So I took that opportunity to sneak out. She had a good time today, but she’s not talking about it too much yet. She did say, “We watched Veggie Tales after lunch. I don’t like Veggie Tales.” And Miss Ruby met me at the door with a very concerned face: Helen didn’t TOUCH her lunch. At all. She just sat and stared at it.

It was chicken fried rice, so my guess is that Helen declared it “strange” and refused to try it. Whatever. She wasn’t particularly hungry when we got home either, so I’m guessing she’s just not very hungry today.

But she had fun, and has a bin where her creations will be kept each day, and she seems to know the routine already. So that’s good. It’ll interesting to see how she responds to the idea of going again on Wednesday morning.

7 thoughts on “First Day of School”

  1. You may need to let Miss Ruby know that Helen has “no need to eat today” days, as well as a “no strange foods” policy.

    Blame it on her father.

    Chicken Fried Rice? For 3 year olds? Uhhh… Macaroni and Cheese anyone???

  2. She’s been a fan of chicken fried rice before — it’s what the Old School serves on Tuesdays. She used to come home with rice everywhere — in her hair, in the folds of her diaper, EVERYwhere.

    She’s just being petulant. Imagine that. A three-year-old, being petulant.

    And as for macaroni and cheese, she doesn’t like that either. She’s weird. She’ll occasionally eat it if I make the Kraft kind (I prefer it made from scratch), and then only if it’s cartoon characters or something.

    She doesn’t like PB&J either. I think she WOULD like it, if she’d just try it, but she just won’t try it. Her food repertoire is very limited right now, and since Alice is having to eat different things currently anyway (since she only has 3 teeth), I don’t really press the issue.

    Soon, very soon, however… The children will eat the same thing we eat. Or, at least, the same thing we ate LAST night (so that I don’t have to cook twice or ridiculously early). And if they don’t eat THAT, then they just don’t eat. Because I ain’t anybody’s short order cook.

  3. Oh my goodness… What does she eat? Mike like chicken nuggets and fries… Seems like I’ve seen them eat that. Tonight he ate spaghetti noodles — slurped them right out of my plate at Sazio. Thankfully, it was rather empty tonight.

  4. Helen doesn’t eat much, really. Carbs, mostly. It’s annoying. I think she’d subsist on toast and crackers and plain noodles if I’d let her. But nooooooo, I’m the mean mommy, insisting on grapes and raisins and blueberries and apples and peaches and… Thankfully she DOES like fruit. I suppose it could be worse.

    The only veggies she’ll really eat are peas and corn. Green beans make her gag. And she won’t even try anything else, and if she DOES try something new, she’ll just gag and spit it back on her plate.

    She does like fries and hash browns and tater tots — but only if she’s in the mood for them, which isn’t always.

    Strange little kid.

  5. Wow, Helen stays for lunch? If Mira’s school kept her for lunch, I woudn’t care what she ate. (Well, they’ll keep her for lunch, but for $7 more per day!)
    I quit being a short order cook about a year ago with Mira. (I call it the “too bad, so sad” method of parenting.) Either she eats what we eat or she starves. The plus side to this is that Leela eats anything. Yesterday she ate veggie sushi.

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