Busy Busy

Because of all the knitting and quilting and long-term projects that have been going on around here, I decided I needed some instant-gratification projects to rev me up and keep me going on the long ones.

This means, of course, that I make clothes. Very fast.

Today, I made Jerry a shirt. He picked out the fabric for it yesterday. All that remains on it are the sleeve hems, buttons, and buttonholes. About 30 minutes work, being very deliberate. 🙂

I’m also making (because I’m filled with self-loathing and hatred) 4 matching dresses for Helen and Alice and two of their cousins, who will be here next week. And the third cousin that’s coming is getting a coordinating outfit, but she’s almost 12 — a bit above the “matching dresses” thing. I picked out something that I think she’ll like. And if she doesn’t, that’s fine, too. It takes about 35 minutes to make a pair of pants, so I’m not really worried about “wasting my time” on that one.

The 4 matching dresses are all about 20 minutes from completion, if I were doing them one at a time. Since I’m assembly-lining them, the whole project is probably about 45 minutes from being done (except for the diaper covers for the two little ones — that’s another 45 minutes, probably).

Once Jerry’s shirt’s done and the 4 dresses are done, I’ll resume work on a quilt. But I just needed the diversion for a little bit; too much plugging along and not enough finishing happening to suit my tastes. I needed something quick and easy to keep me entertained.

12 thoughts on “Busy Busy”

  1. Concentrating on the sewing helps distract you from your evil taking-over-the-world plans, doesn’t it?

  2. No, it gives me time to think. I tend to sew in silence, which means I think waaaaaaaaaaay too much. About taking over the world. Oh. Yeah, so I guess you’re right.

  3. I can say that the fabric I chose is *most excellent* and I expect the shirt to be the same.

  4. At least I don’t have to be barefoot etc. in the kitchen anymore. He always enjoyed those days especially.

  5. I do love hearing moms discuss the tortures of pregnancy.. it makes you so long for the swollen, distended bellies of procreation, doesn’t it?

  6. It’s true. He took lots of pictures of The Belly. 🙂 I have proof. Now he just takes pictures of my butt, since The Belly is gone. He also takes lots of pictures of the former contents of The Belly (both of them), since they’re self-propelled these days.

    And Sarah, pregnancy with Helen wasn’t bad, and with Alice the second trimester wasn’t bad. Some women LOVE being pregnant. I am just not one of them, although I LOVED my hair when I was pregnant. It actually would hold curl — or pretty much anything else I wanted it to do. Loved that.

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