Just Spotted

Helen is traveling the midlevel of our house with one foot on the bottom of a metal dog dish, pushing it around like a skateboard with the other foot. Alice is following her around with a plastic serving spoon in each hand. Both girls have a helium balloon tied to their left wrist. Helen’s balloon is red; Alice’s is yellow.

This is happiness. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just Spotted”

  1. Elyse went on and on and ON last night about how smart and cute and fun Helen is! She had a great time playing with her and was in absolute awe of her. (She has a 4-year-old step-sister, being raised by her redneck father, who was the basis for comparison. According to Elyse, Helen apparently is off the chart.)

  2. Well, Helen IS Unusually Smart, you know.

    Oh, wait. You didn’t know me when Helen was a baby, and people would ask us how she was doing. Our answer was, over-dramatically, “Well, she IS unusually smart. THAT said, she did the cutest thing the other day…”

    To give people permission to pat us on the head and go on their merry way. First time obnoxious parents that we were (and still are).

    I think Helen is fabulous, but of course I do. 🙂

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