I just put the girls down for a nap a little while ago (Alice is NOT interested), and once again, Helen insisted on napping with Alice in Alice’s room.

For a little while, I got to listen to Helen soothe Alice through the baby monitor. Then I got to listen to both girls giggling happily. Now I’m listening to Alice’s tired crying.

Mommy doesn’t care. Their naps were worthless yesterday, and they WILL sleep today, dammit. Besides, I have a fabulous loaner machine in my possession to play with until my machine gets fixed, so I’ve got some bells and whistles to explore.

(If there were a baby monitor transmitter in here and YOU were listening, you’d be hearing some manic giggling right about now…)

UPDATE: 2:41pm. Alice woke up after finally getting to sleep… She had a whopping 25-minute nap today. Mommy is NOT. HAPPY.

One thought on “Listening”

  1. Oh no! What a day for a no-sleeper… 🙁 Did I tell you Mike gave me black eye yesterday? That trumps no nap!

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