This morning, it was rainy. Thus, it was dark for longer.

Alice slept an hour longer than normal. Some of that could have been because she refused to nap yesterday. Some of that could have been the darkness.

SO. I went out today in search of room-darkening shades to fit the two windows in her room. Bed, Bath & Beyond didn’t have them. Target didn’t have them. I looked at Smith and Noble, who have custom-made lots of window treatments for us in the past. It would cost at least $66 per window plus shipping to have them custom-made for those windows.

While I do have tutoring money coming in at the moment, I would really rather not spend $66 per window for room-darkening shades.

I went to Hancock Fabrics this afternoon and purchased 3.5 yards of blackout fabric for window treatments. And I purchased fabrics for both girls’ windows (though I don’t like the selection I made for Helen now that I have it home; but at $1.29 a yard I think I can handle going back and getting something else)… I also got super heavyweight needles so I can sew through the blackout fabric.

Sum total, including the hardware to hang these things and the notions (rings and wire/strings) to make Roman shades for both rooms? Less than $66. Including tax.

I’m pleased with myself.

Of course, this is ANOTHER blasted project. Somebody please invent a way to get more hours in a day! 🙂

(Oh! and I got my sewing machine back today! Yayyyy!)

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  1. Home Depot sells room darkening shades. We’re going to buy some this weekend for Leela’s room and ours, just so we can take the tacky black trash bags we have in its place. They’re relatively cheap, but I’m willing to bet the fabric you bought will do a better job, and be far more attractive.

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