Another Blasted Project

Well, a friend showed me these last night, and it just makes me snicker to think of our kitties in one of them.

So. As soon as I’m done knitting the butternut blanket I started in February (only about 6-7 inches left to go on that, if that much!), I’ll perhaps start one of these. Not sure, though. There are other projects in the pipeline ahead of it.

Nice thing, though — it’s not too difficult a pattern, so it would be a good thing to work on at Vestry meetings (I need something to keep my hands busy so I don’t strangle the windbags who make the meetings run so long)… So I’ll probably do one just for grins.

Hey, Jerry — maybe I should make a purple one to give Claire so her kitties have somewhere to lounge in her studio?

6 thoughts on “Another Blasted Project”

  1. Hey Elaine, I dropped you an email Friday evening, just wanted to make sure you got it.


  2. No, I didn’t get it… You probably sent it to the email link on this page, huh? Currently that goes to Jerry’s mail account; I’ll have him forward it to me. 🙂 Thanks for the alert!

  3. You COULD move here. Join OUR church. Church Council (vestry equivilent) goes ‘long’ about once a year. An ENTIRE hour. But only when something big is happening. Most of them are done in less than 30 minutes.

    Moving here would save you lots of time!

  4. And time is money, right? Since it certainly wouldn’t save me any MONEY to move there…

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