I worked some more on the quilt that was started on Friday night… Rejected all the blocks that had any light-colored background fabrics in them and made new blocks just using mediums and darks. Here’s the latest iteration…

Please STOP with the ORANGE

Trying to decide if I like the blocks with little squares in them or not (Row 2, Column 6 doesn’t jump out QUITE that much in real life, but it does pull some focus which changes its potential placements…), or the “Y” shaped ones (there’s one in Column 6 and three in Column 8 ). The “Y” ones are just very very hard to place, so I’m thinking I might make replacement blocks for them, too. Jerry’s not a fan of the ones with squares in them, but I almost wonder if the piece NEEDS those to anchor the rest of the chaos. We’ll see, though… Gotta live with it for a little while and see how I feel before I decide to sew them all together.

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