No Shots for Alice!

Alice lucked out… no shots today. I apparently remembered Helen’s data incorrectly (partly because I wasn’t great about writing down when Helen got which shots — figured the doc’s office can keep up with that, thanks).

19# 10oz (just under 75th percentile), 27.75″ long (just over 50th percentile). So she’s essentially proportional. And honestly, she’s been eating like a PIG lately, so I think we’re about to see some significant growth. At lunch she ate about 2 4-oz jars of baby food (squash, applesauce) and over half of a 6-oz jar (apples and cherries). And I stopped offering the FIRST time she clamped and refused a spoonful. Wow. Just kept shoveling it in…

Now she and Helen are both sleeping. 🙂 I’m loving having a Born-Again Sleeper. It’s so much easier to face the world when I’m operating on a full night’s sleep.

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