Alice thinks the power cord going to my laptop is fascinating. Thus, she gets this little twinkle in her eye when she realizes that she’s got a clear shot to it and can violently rip it out of the back of the computer.

Too many incidences of this, and the laptop was having difficulty getting power. I found that if I pinched the cord over to the right side and then wedged the box part of the adapter to hold it in place, I’d have power. But this morning, that didn’t even work.


After picking Helen up from playschool and depositing our income tax refunds into the bank, the girls and I headed out to CompUSA. I bought a Kensington 70W Universal AC adapter. It looks like this:
photo of adapter
And I came home and plugged it in.


Whew! Lucky lucky… I was conserving power this morning (I shut it down as soon as I noticed that I couldn’t manipulate the original power cord into giving me any power), since if the power cord was NOT the problem I was going to have to transfer everything over to one of the other computers and ship my laptop back to Dell for repairs. Which could take a MONTH.


So. All hail the gods of electricity!

[I also got suckered into the warranty where if, for any reason, the adapter doesn’t work in the next year, I can go in and they’ll replace it, no questions. “Even if the cause of the break is my child ripping it out of the back of the computer repeatedly?” Yep. “Sign me UP!”…]

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