I had time alone with each of my children today. And, independently and out of the blue, they both mentioned that they could feel Grandpa with us today. “He’s right here with us, Mommy.” I told each of them to say hello for me, and they each said, “HI, Grandpa!” with joy and wonder.

It. was. just. so. cool.

Considering that neither of them has wanted to talk about Grandpa no longer being with us, it was pretty powerful to me that they both sensed him on the same day.

And today marked three months.


Helen is a close talker. Well, kinda. Not really. She just likes to lean on me when she wants something. And hold her face really close to mine, I guess so I don’t forget she’s there. I hate it when things are close to my face. Lifetime pet peeve. Linus gets all up in my face, too. So does Emily, the calico.

And Alice likes to show me her treasures, which she holds less than an inch from my nose so I get the best view. Of blurry.

Why do they do that!?






Stand over there. Good.