Stripes are the new neutral

Stripes are the new neutral

Just in case you were wondering.

And yes, I let them go to school like this. Weather appropriate? Dressed yourself? ALLRIGHTYTHEN.

3 thoughts on “Stripes are the new neutral”

  1. They are so sweet and the outfits cute! Do they ever remind you of Beezus and Ramona? That’s what I always think… I saw you guys in the distance at the Charlotte’s Web dress rehearsal….

  2. Stripes ARE the new neutural and I’m so glad to know somebody else who feels the same way! My daughter has a striped sweater she wears with print leggings, and I think it is ADORABLE.
    Hi, Elaine, by the way – I’ve lurked on your site for a while since Kelley put in on her blogroll. 🙂

  3. Amen to that! My only problem with Mike dressing himself is he puts on so many layers! “But it was in my drawer!” Apparently, his theory is he should wear everything in his drawer on the same day at the same time…!

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