This could be a lot of fun…

Apologies In Advance

I have an old Bamboo tablet (link doesn’t take you to the one I have, but to a comparable one available now) from my digital scrapbooking days, and I hooked it up to my computer so I could play in Illustrator… I love this thing, because it ONLY works with the associated stylus, so the fact that I’m left-handed doesn’t present a problem. Writing on my iPad is a pain in the rear (#firstworldproblem, yes, I know) because when I drag my hand the iPad gets confused.

I have REALLY neat handwriting, so using a tablet has been frustrating. I can’t even get close to my normal handwriting on an iPad or touch-sensitive tablet. But today with the Bamboo I was able to get a lot closer to my normal handwriting, and I imagine that with more practice I’ll get even better at it. And maybe if I updated the tablet to a more advanced one it would be even better? This tablet is at least 6 years old now so I imagine the technology has improved a lot.

And now? I know some stuff about some stuff in Illustrator! I already knew just enough to be dangerous, but Jerry gave me the Adobe Illustrator 2014 Classroom in a Book for Christmas, and I’ve gotten through the first 60 pages of it already. I’m using the 2015 release on the Creative Cloud, but the 2015 book was only released 7 days ago… I’ve been able to find everything so far even though a few things have been buried in deeper menus… Thankfully I’m not afraid to click around and I already had some familiarity with the program, which helps a lot.

Let the Illustrator dreams begin! (If I play on it too much, I dream it. This happened regularly in 2015 because I was writing all of the patterns and trying to figure out what the heck I was doing just by flailing around in Illustrator and InDesign. I anticipate more of that — both the flailing around and the dreams — in 2016!)


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